Best Private Schools in Danville CA

St.Isidore Information meeting, Danville CA

Do you live in Danville and are looking for a private school? Or, maybe you just moved to the area and want the best there is to offer. With all the great public schools here, this topic is sure to raise eyebrows. But there are several valid reasons for going private, such as: Is your child nearing school-going age and pre-school is starting to look like an option? Maybe you’re planning to move him/her to a new school, maybe you want more individualized attention with a better student/teacher ratio. Whatever the case, if you’ve been researching local private schools and wondering which one is the best fit for your family, look no further, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some of the best private schools in Danville CA:

St. Isidore School

The reputable, judgment-free, Private Catholic School, St. Isidore (SIS), is devoted to the development of children, and that’s apparent in their teaching methods. Offering a STEAM program that gives kids hands-on experience and opportunities to work with 3D printers. They don’t pressure students, take the time to really teach them, and are all-around a good environment for children to grow up in. They have TK and grades K-8, so your kid can stay in one school for a number of years instead of moving around every couple of years.

San Ramon Valley Christian Academy

It’s one of the best K-8th private schools in Danville and surrounding areas. At San Ramon Valley Christian Academy (SRVCA)-teachers are wonderful, caring souls that love children and take good care of them while they’re at school. They believe that a child’s education encompasses more than just traditional academic subjects. Thinking of putting your child into a sport? They have you covered! SRVCA offers; volleyball, basketball, football, cross country, and softball.  Classes involve lots of interactive, fun sessions that help them develop necessary skills and enrichment classes are available.

Danville Montessori School

This school teaches children between 2 and 6 years of age. It’s a great place for young kids. If your child is shy and cries at the mention of school, Danville Montessori is a very good choice. They have a warm, child-friendly environment which I’ve noticed has a wonderful effect on children. They focus equally on social development, discipline, and academics – all three of which are very important at this stage in a child’s life.

The Athenian School

Founded in 1965, the Athenian School is a college preparatory and boarding school. They teach students in grades 6-12, preparing them for college – and giving them the best chance possible of entering a reputed college. They have high standards and higher skill levels. They have excellent teachers and boarding facilities (for grades 9-12), and a simple admission process. If you’re considering a boarding school, we most emphatically recommend the Athenian.
It’s never too early to begin researching. Most schools have admissions in January or February, so it’s a good idea to start looking them up now. You can research various schools, get your child mentally prepared for school life, find out their fees structure and arrange funding, and get ready in plenty of time for the admissions to start. Also, remember to get your child’s documents in order.

Stratford School

Stratford School offers an unparalleled education where tradition meets 21st-century learning. Their unique and nurturing school environment motivates students through high expectations in a collaborative and fun learning environment.

We hope you found this article helpful. Stay tuned for more posts about the best (of everything!) in Danville CA.



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