Best Gyms Around Danville

Best Gyms in Danville CA

When it comes to getting fit, different people prefer different approaches. While some like to go running and do freehand exercises at home, others prefer swimming, lifting weights, or working under a trainer’s guidance. Having tried all of these, we really recommend the last – a trainer is a licensed professional who’ll know what your body needs, and help you do exactly that. Today, we’ve listed some of the best gyms in and around Danville, CA. Take your pick! Do you have a favorite gym? Share it with us and we will feature you on our Instagram page! @danvillesocial

StarCycle (Danville)
45 minutes of pure fun and sweat! It’s the real deal—it will kick your booty in all the right ways. Their experience is fueled by music and we ride to the beat. Your instructor will challenge you to a full-body workout while inspiring you to push further. Each studio room is dark and candle-lit, allowing you to tune out what’s going on around you and tune in to what you need. We want every rider to leave with an elevated view of themselves and what they’re capable of. Did we mention they have childcare?? This upbeat spot is as motivating as it gets!

Spenga (Danville)
Unlike any gym or studio of its kind, SPENGA combines the three pillars of fitness to create what’s simply known as the best workout ever. This unique concept fills a void in the market by delivering cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility in every group training session, through a combination of spin, strength training, and yoga. SPENGA creates a multi-sensory experience with space dedicated specifically to each element of the workout, invigorating aromatherapy, and workouts fueled by energizing DJ-inspired beats.

Crossfit Danville (Danville)
For $185 a month (for one person), you’ll get unlimited access to the gym’s services and equipment. You can try a sample class before you join, or you can pay $20 for a single session. You can take your pick from endurance training, CrossFit, gymnastics, personal programming, and more. Especially recommended for athletes.

Fitness 19 (Danville) 
Fitness 19 has some of the best classes in Danville. They’re super effective and fun from aerobics to kickboxing, Zumba, power dance, and boot camp. Their fees are very reasonable too. You can get a guest pass on their website for one free session. The sample session doesn’t include personal training or kids club services, however.

Koko FitClub (Danville)
Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve your health, or build strength, Koko FitClub will help you get there with coaching, meal plans, and healthy encouragement. They’re modern, quick, and serious. Their instructors are compassionate human beings who genuinely want you to succeed.

Equinox (San Ramon) 
If you want a beautiful, luxurious gym with great classes and instructors, this is the place for you. They require a year’s registration, but the gorgeous premises and top-notch equipment will help you get results quickly. They have a swimming pool, spa, steam room, and studios for cycling, pilates, yoga, etc.

24 Hour Fitness (San Ramon) (Alamo)
The gear at 24 Hour Fitness is great, as are the members and staff. The company has another gym in Alamo, but the SR location has more amenities. Visit their website to learn more!

Orangetheory Fitness (Alamo)
Do you like to work out in a group and meet new people? Then Orangetheory is perfect for you! Their classes are very fun and interactive, and you’ll get a thorough workout. The trainers offer personalized tips, and the classes include cardio and strength training.

We hope you liked this list! Remember to take a towel and water bottle when you visit the gym, and to take it easy on the first day. You don’t want to over-strain yourself! Stay tuned for more such posts and find out the best (of everything!) in Danville CA.



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