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Camp Integem #1 AI + AR Camp

Ride a Spaceship? Meet Dinosaurs? Design AI Robots? Create Magical Worlds? Join Camp Integem!

Camp Integem, a leading STEM/STEAM camp for kids and teens aged 5-18, transforms their dreams into tangible, hands-on creations. Our programs include AI, Robotics, Holographic AR, coding, arts, 2D/3D animation, game design, space/nature exploration, tech leadership, and more. Students immerse themselves in their creations through Holographic AR, interacting with their games, art, and adventures, and merging the physical and digital worlds in innovative ways. Learn more at

No prior knowledge of computers, robotics, art, or design is required. The camp caters to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced participants.

With small class sizes of only 8 students per teacher and dedicated instructors, Camp Integem offers personalized education for each camper.


Accredited by ACS WASC, Camp Integem ensures a high-quality educational experience, and students can earn school credits. We are also a NVIDIA AI Training partner.

Since 2018, Integem has taught K-12 students from more than 20 countries in-person or online. Thousands of students locally have joined Camp Integem’s on-site programs.


Camp Integem is Open For Registration! Save with coupon code: DS24 at


Our Featured Courses

Camp Integem offers 42 courses for students K-12. Students are grouped into ages 5-8, 8-10, 10-14, and 14+.


No prior knowledge is necessary. We offer beginner to advanced levels.


AR Coding, STEM & Game Design Courses

Students will code their own Holographic AR applications/games. They can dive into deep ocean to play with whales, ride a spaceship to explore the universe, teleport into their game world to fight with Minecraft, Roblox or other game characters, or developing AI games with intelligent, conversational characters.

  • AR Coding for Space Exploration
  • AR Coding for Nature Exploration
  • 3D AR Coding & Game Design
  • Advanced AI+3D Coding & Game Design

Note: 3D Game design includes 3D AR Minecraft, 3D AR Roblox Game Design and other 3D Game Design

AR, AI & Robotics Engineering

Students will design their own intelligent AR applications using AI, transform the magic of the Holographic AR world into the real world through robotics, and even create their own intelligent AI robots. They will use holographic AR to remotely operate in robot environments, thereby bringing the wonders of AR into real-world robotics challenges.

  • Intro to AI Engineering with AR
  • Intro to Robotics Design & AR Coding
  • AI Robotics Engineering with AR
  • Advanced AI Robotics with AR & NVIDIA Jetson Nano


AR Digital Art, Animation & 3D Design

Students will create their digital art, animations, and 3D designs. Then, using Holographic AR, they will design interactive AR experiences where they can teleport into their creations, play with their characters, or become heroes who safeguard the world!

  • Intro to AR Art with AI
  • Interactive AR Animation with Adobe
  • 3D Holographic AR Design
  • Advanced 2D & 3D Holographic AR Animation + Adobe


Tech Leadership (Grades 6-12)

Middle school and high school students who have participated or will participate in our in-person summer camps or online classes are eligible to join our Tech Leadership program, available both in-person and online. This program offers them a platform to further refine their skills through engaging in a variety of activities at local, national, and international levels. Additionally, for U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents, there’s the unique opportunity to earn the prestigious U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award, acknowledging their dedication and leadership.

Space is limited and register today to save your spot at:




Phone: 1-408-459-0657


Register Today! Use code DS24 to save up to $50/week. The earlier you book, the more you save!


Meet Benjamin & Carol Schuster, from Got Paella


Benjamin & Carol Shuster, Owners of Got Paella


We had the chance to get to know who is behind GOT PAELLA and a little about how it all started. The inspiring story of how they started and the opticals they overcame.
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How did it all start?
In 2015 my husband and I started as a catering business which was very successful in Los Angeles L.A. Paella Catering and expanded to Santa Barbara SB Paella Catering. We launched a food truck Got Paella but only used it for wineries and festivals. During the closures, we saw an opportunity to sell individual meals via our Got Paella Food truck which proved to be a win, selling over 3k meals in 45 days. We had been working on a product for the future but as we were forced to shut down, we decided to utilize direct feedback from our clients and ultimately came up with a skillet ready frozen meal, which not only tastes delicious but by having been frozen, it allows for the consumer to complete the cooking process within 10 minutes and the end result is a delicious paella. The frozen food market is changing to reflect new food trends and is the way of the future due to very little waste and the demand for quick meals that taste homemade.

What inspired you to start your own business?
When I was pregnant with our first, I knew I wanted to be a full-time mom, so I left my career and focused on parenting. Benjamin was passionate about making paella and always dreamed of making it into a business and what started out as a side fun gig, turned into a successful catering business. Having 25+ yrs in sales and management, I took over the sales aspect and help grow our company. Our product Got Paella is our pandemic pivot but it is now the new direction of our company. The pandemic taught is that a service can quickly end but a product can continue on. We want to bring paella to every home in America.

What is your background and how did you develop the skills to start your business?
My parents migrated to the US in the early ’70s from Central America. They worked very hard and always emphasized how important it was to be a successful woman and to have a strong work ethic. I worked very hard in Sales Management for several stores and became the manager of the top Nordstrom, MAC Cosmetics location. I sent myself back to school and graduated from CalState Fullerton in Communications with a minor in Public Admin. I was a regional sales manager for salons and ended my sales career working for a reputable pharmaceutical company selling Cardiovascular medicine. Ben was raised in Spain since he was 1 month old due to his father playing and coaching bg soccer teams in Spain. He learned to make paellas in Spain at a very young age and was the designated paella chef of the home. He was sent to the U.S.A for college where he graduated with a BA in Finance from the University of Missouri. He finished his career working as a Global Financial Analyst for a top Law firm in Los Angeles. Both our experiences and passion to succeed for our family have pushed us beyond the skills we learned in corporate America to learn every aspect of the Grocery Business. Not without challenges but failing is not an option.

What’s the one thing your business is known for, over your competitors?
Aside from winning several Paella competitions, we are the first and only manufacturers of a frozen skillet-ready Paella. We offer a Vegan option as well. When we wanted to launch our Vegan we were told it is not paella, but we know that there is a need for variety in Vegan dishes when it comes to groceries. Not to mention this is the best Vegan paella ever!

Which small businesses are you inspired by?
We are inspired by family-owned businesses. When you hear the power of unity and trust when running a business with your family or partner and what it took to succeed, it makes you feel like you can win if you work together. Ben and I are very different. He is the Chef and artist and I am the sales and marketing part of our business. We stay in our own lanes and allow each other to take the lead in what we are experienced in. Small Family businesses that succeed always recognize the strength each person brings to the business and fosters its’ individual efforts and creativity.

What is your favorite part about living/working in Danville (or your business city)?
We relocated to Santa Barbara at the beginning o the pandemic to focus on the Santa Barbara location and for our kids to go to a small local school. Being part of the central coast community has allowed us the opportunity to launch our product, meet amazing supportive small business owners and be able to introduce our product to an amazing store like Draeger’s Blackhawk. They were one of the firsts to give us a shot and we are so excited to finally have their customers and the community of Danville taste our Paellas.

Tell us the most interesting and fun tidbit about your business (e.g., your company has a mascot or office pet, a fun outing your company held, the unorthodox way your leadership team brainstorms, the unusual ways your team communicates, etc.)
Well, we are a husband and wife team, parents of 2 girls, 3 and 7 yrs of age. We work from home mainly when Ben is not in the commercial kitchen. We juggle conversations about work and kids and family all in one thought. It is a madhouse and we are definitely a fun circus. Our kids are a part of everything we do. When we need a break we take an RV up the coast and camp with our kids. A lot of brainstorming happens when we are on the road as a family.



Local Spotlight: Diamond Academy of Performing Arts

If you haven’t heard about DAPA, you need to read this! Diamond Academy of Performing Arts (DAPA) offers more than your typical performing arts classes. Want to learn more about Acting for Film & Television, Drama, The Arts of Public Speaking, or Speech Arts? If your child needs help public speaking with confidence, this is the place to go! So…what is Speech Arts? It teaches your child to communicate clearly.

In my many years of teaching, I have never seen anything work so well toward helping children confidently communicate and connect to their breath and voice, and seeing these transformations is what continually fuels my passion for teaching speech arts.
-Andrea Johnston, Founder and Artistic Director

Mastering the art of public speaking is the greatest single skill one can develop in order to establish strong leadership skills, boost future earning potential, and carry oneself confidently and successfully in life. Modern society demands effective communication and leadership skills to excel, however presents few opportunities for children to develop these critical life skills. The Diamond Academy represents a new way of thinking: an innovative studio for learning, where students can explore and develop their communication, performance, and leadership skills in a fun and dynamic setting. At the academy, your child will learn skills that will remain with them throughout their lives.
The need for Community, Creativity, and Expression for our children is so important as we help them navigate all the changes they have had to face in the last several months. We are pleased to offer a selection of classes to fit your child’s needs. With both small, socially distanced in-person classes as well as online instruction via Zoom we have the right fit for your child! We are also offering private lessons! Our classes work very well online and we have students joining us from all over the world! In-studio, all County guidelines will be followed. Fall Classes & Play Production are available!  Register here.

A little bit about the Founder and Artistic Director:
Andrea has spent many wonderful years teaching children and adults the art of communication through speech arts and drama. She started her career in Vancouver, British Columbia as a guest artist and instructor at Simon Fraser University, where she had the privilege of directing main stage productions as well as teaching several courses. At The Bolton Academy of Spoken Arts, she taught children of every age how to find and use their voices effectively. Privately she coached professionals including lawyers, executives, and politicians, helping them find their voice, confidence, and poise. As a professional actor and director Andrea directed and performed in many productions which received critical acclaim; she is also a two-time winner of the Vancouver Twenty-Four Hour Film Festival, Director of the North American premiere of “Eulogy for Lois Lane” by Marc Diamond, and has lent her voice to numerous film and television productions. Her expertise in the field found her traveling British Columbia as an adjudicator for Speech Arts, Drama and Speech Festivals.

Helping people find their voice and grow their confidence is a passion for me- Here at The Diamond Academy of Performing Arts, I look forward to helping you find yours!

Local Spotlight: Dreamland Baby, Featured on Shark Tank

We are so happy for Dreamland Baby! Tara was recently featured on Shark Tank. To view the episode, click here!

“If there’s a will, there’s a way” –Dreamland Baby’s Founder, Tara Williams lives by this motto.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tara and listening to her astounding story of how she started Dreamland Baby. Her story is inspirational and incredible.

It all started with a few mishaps in life and taking a wrong turn, but ended up becoming one of the most beneficial moments! Tara’s son, Luke was the inspiration of Dreamland Baby. We all know the fatigue and overwhelming feelings we have with a newborn and the lack of sleep seems endless, especially if your baby doesn’t sleep well at all. Tara and her husband were already dealing with job layoffs and adapting to a 4th child. One night, while sitting on the couch, Luke was fussy and couldn’t seem to fall asleep(which was always the case with him).

She decided to put a heavy weighted blanket on him, hoping this will calm him down and relax him, and it did! Searching all over the internet, Tara could only find weighted blankets for older kids and dogs, but nothing for babies. Surprised by the outcome, Tara took matters into her own hands. Luckily, her mother-in-law knew how to sew, so Tara told her what she wanted for Luke. When the first blanket was completed, something amazing happened…Luke slept through the night, for the first time!

If you really want to do it. You can make it happen.

Her story is inspirational to all moms out there; whether it be a working mom or stay-at-home Mom.  How does she do it all? Tara continues to say, “If there’s a will, there’s a way” Her will is strong and determined to help out struggling sleep-deprived parents.

Her passion and love for helping others materializes in her success. Not only is she helping babies sleep through the night, she is giving parents their life back.

I’m doing other moms a disservice if I don’t get this out there-I’m obligated to help other people.

There are sacrifices Tara sustains constantly by having a company to run and a family to attend to. She has learned to become a time-management pro! Being a mom of 4, business owner, and a wife – she has managed to do it all! Tara works early mornings before the kids wake up, during naps, and when they go to sleep at night.

Managing your time wisely can get you a long way

Tara knows what it’s like to struggle and not know where to turn and she wants to share with anyone struggling out there, “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

We are excited to see what the future of Dreamland Baby will convey! To find out how Dreamland Baby started, visit Tara’s website to read her captivating story.

You can check them out here: Dreamland Baby

Tara and Her Beautiful Family!

Meet Tracey Medcalfe Photography

Last week Danville Social had an opportunity to interview Tracey Medcalfe and to learn more about her photography business and what makes it special.

How did the business get started?
I have always loved taking photographs, even as a kid! After my degree in physics and Masters in Information Systems, I knew that our growing family wasn’t blending well with my IT consultant role. As photography took its place in the evolving digital world…a business in photography was a natural step for me and allowed me to combine my love of technology and art with the flexible schedule I needed for my family…and yes, I still got to play with cool gadgets!!! Yay!
I started my photography business in the UK. Initially, I focused on family portrait and reunion photography and loved the pictures I was able to capture for my clients! I loved their reactions to their pictures even more! I was so excited to be able to do something directly for people that I knew they would love forever!!

What inspired you to start your own business?
I am a huge fan of pictures…natural, spontaneous, candid, capturing people’s emotions and connections.
I found that I was inspired by the experience of photographing other people. A dear friend of ours hired a wonderful photographer to photograph an event; I was so inspired by her style and pictures. We had a family session with her and I was able to work with her on a number of occasions before we moved to the US. It wasn’t long before I started my photography business here in the East Bay.

What is your background and how did you develop the skills to start your business?
I completed a number of professional photography courses for both portraits and weddings. I am also a member of the Professional Photographer Association, which offers wonderful resources for anyone in the business of photography or even photography enthusiasts. I believe you can always grow as a photographer and dedicate specific time on a regular basis to improving my skills and adding new ones regularly.

What’s the one thing your business is known for, over your competitors?
There are many aspects of capturing a great photograph…light, gear, great subjects, location to name just a few. I believe that timing is also an essential component and am always in search of that telling expression, smile, laugh, action that captures a moment!
A collision of action in soccer.
A crazy laugh from a chased toddler.
An expression of determination in lacrosse.
A confident character presence on stage.
A knowing smile from a big sister.
An adoring smile from a proud parent.
A secret smile from a bride.
A passionate embrace of a couple
A confident exchange between business partners
A friendly wrestle between brothers.
I believe that these are moments captured in time forever with a photograph and I am always in search of this rich treasure! I love to get to know my clients and to be able to capture them as they are most beautiful and natural.
I am excited to have a senior photography banner on the football pitch at Monte Vista. Spring is a great time to get senior and family portraits with great weather and blossoming trees and plants.  Springtime also has the bonus of avoiding the seasonal rush in fall!

Which small businesses are you inspired by?
I am inspired by people more than businesses. People achieve great things, work hard to understand their clients, love what they do! I love working with people who are energetic and passionate about their pursuits!!

What is your favorite part about living/working in Danville?
For an outdoor photographer, Danville and the Bay Area presents a spectacular location! Just within five miles of Danville, there are more than 20 locations that I wouldn’t hesitate to use for photographs! I have included just a few of the locations in some of the pictures.

Tell us the most interesting and fun tidbit about your business.
The story of our logo is fun and quirky! We used to live in Holland and just after our second child, Hannah was born, we visited the world-famous Keukenhof Gardens. They boast some of the most impressive displays of tulips and other plants in their spectacular botanical gardens. The logo heart is made up of a beautiful stone sculpture which I rotated to be vertical and then duplicated in Photoshop. Here is a picture of our oldest taking a quick look through the sculpture.

Click here to view Tracey’s work on her website,


Shred 415 san ramon, danville

Meet Lilly and Giovanni from Shred415

Last week Danville Social had an opportunity to interview Shred415 owners Lilly and Giovanni De Chouden to learn more about their business and what makes them special.

How did the business get started?
Both born and raised in Puerto Rico, Lilly and Giovanni moved to the states 20 years ago and have lived in the Bay area for the past seven years. While raising their two daughters, now 18 and 20-years-old, fitness has always been an important part of Lily’s life. She is a certified personal trainer, a former Zumba instructor and also participated in fitness competitions. Her desire to help others lead healthier lives and get them excited about fitness, along with her goal to engage with the Spanish-speaking community, drove her to open the first Shred415 in California. The San Ramon location is the first of three studios Lily plans to open in the Bay area.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I immediately fell in love with Shred415’s unique concept and method of exercise. We have loved every day for the past year, engaging with this wonderful community and motivating our Shred family to improve their health, lifestyle and overall wellbeing. – Lily

What is your background and how did you develop the skills to start your business?

I have always had a passion for fitness and health in general. I saw an opportunity to combine my passion as well as build a unique, supportive community by bringing Shred to the East Bay. -Lily

What’s the one thing your business is known for, over your competitors?
Shred415 offers a 60-minute instructor-led interval training class alternating between speed and endurance drills on top-quality treadmills and strength and functional movement training on the floor, with each class designed to increase muscle and burn calories in a fun, fast-paced workout tailored to every individual’s level and goals. The result is simple: clients find classes to be enjoyable and effective, a rare combination in fitness.

Which small businesses are you inspired by?
Owning a business is hard work and rewarding at the same time. I look up to local business owners that are both family and women-owned and operated. Businesses like Enforme Activewear, Stay Polished, US Cryotherapy, CB Fit, and many others.

What is your favorite part about living/working in Danville?
The diversity of our community and how we embrace different people, cultures, backgrounds to support this amazing place we get to call home.

Tell us the most interesting and fun tidbit about your business.

When you first walk into our studio you will see the following phrase on the wall – “More than a workout”. This is one of the many reasons we fell in love with Shred415. We want to build a supportive and collaborative community that is not only about working out but is very engaged in building the community that we all live in. We enjoy supporting local schools, charities, and other worthy causes. These words on our wall, mean a lot to us and is the primary reason we decided to bring Shred415 to the Tri-Valley area. -Giovanni