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Local Spotlight: Dreamland Baby

“If there’s a will, there’s a way” –Dreamland Baby’s Founder, Tara Williams lives by this motto.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tara and listening to her astounding story of how she started Dreamland Baby. Her story is inspirational and incredible.

It all started with a few mishaps in life and taking a wrong turn, but ended up becoming one of the most beneficial moments! Tara’s son, Luke was the inspiration of Dreamland Baby. We all know the fatigue and overwhelming feelings we have with a newborn and the lack of sleep seems endless, especially if your baby doesn’t sleep well at all. Tara and her husband were already dealing with job layoffs and adapting to a 4th child. One night, while sitting on the couch, Luke was fussy and couldn’t seem to fall asleep(which was always the case with him).

She decided to put a heavy weighted blanket on him, hoping this will calm him down and relax him, and it did! Searching all over the internet, Tara could only find weighted blankets for older kids and dogs, but nothing for babies. Surprised by the outcome, Tara took matters into her own hands. Luckily, her mother-in-law knew how to sew, so Tara told her what she wanted for Luke. When the first blanket was completed, something amazing happened…Luke slept through the night, for the first time!

If you really want to do it. You can make it happen.

Her story is inspirational to all moms out there; whether it be a working mom or stay-at-home Mom.  How does she do it all? Tara continues to say, “If there’s a will, there’s a way” Her will is strong and determined to help out struggling sleep-deprived parents.

Her passion and love for helping others materializes in her success. Not only is she helping babies sleep through the night, she is giving parents their life back.

I’m doing other moms a disservice if I don’t get this out there-I’m obligated to help other people.

There are sacrifices Tara sustains constantly by having a company to run and a family to attend to. She has learned to become a time-management pro! Being a mom of 4, business owner, and a wife – she has managed to do it all! Tara works early mornings before the kids wake up, during naps, and when they go to sleep at night.

Managing your time wisely can get you a long way

Tara knows what it’s like to struggle and not know where to turn and she wants to share with anyone struggling out there, “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

We are excited to see what the future of Dreamland Baby will convey! To find out how Dreamland Baby started, visit Tara’s website to read her captivating story.

You can check them out here: Dreamland Baby

Tara and Her Beautiful Family!

Dr. Rankin – Blackhawk Plastic Surgery

Last week I got a chance to talk with a new asset to the Blackhawk Plastic Surgery & Med Spa , Dr. Ronan’s newest partner Dr. Rankin. As a surgeon, educator, and innovator, Dr. Rankin comes from one of the leading plastic surgery training programs in the country, Vanderbilt University. Dr. Rankin has spent the last decade with some of the most prominent names in surgical training in order to be able to offer the safest, cutting edge techniques to the San Francisco Bay area.

Dr. Rankin - Blackhawk Plastic Surgery and Med Spa in Danville CA
Dr. Rankin and his beautiful family

Originally from Marin County, he has lived all over the country but likes to be close to family and wanted to get back to the bay area. Recently moved from Nashville, TN to be closer to family, Dr. Rankin plans on calling Danville their permanent home. He loves all that our town has to offer; excellent area for raising kids, parks, schools, and the list goes on!

Dr. Rankin is definitely a man that wears many hats. At the office, he is Doctor, but at home, he is Daddy. Not only is he an excellent surgeon, he is a father and husband to a beautiful family. He has 3 adorable kids – All under the age of 5! When he isn’t working, he is spending time with his family, exploring Tahoe, or visiting the coast! I had the opportunity to also speak to his lovely wife, Kanika. She expressed to me how fascinating it has been to witness her husband’s career path.

“I watched my husband spend years in training to get to this point and now seeing him in his element has made it all worth it! And never once failed to make me feel like his highest priority. His loyalty shows at work, his attention to detail, care for his patients, and passion for the art is second to none!”

Dr. Rankin loves what he does and his passion for his work with cosmetic surgery, which can be see in this quote from our interview.

“I enjoy the art and technical aspects of plastic surgery and how it effects peoples quality of life.  It can truly have a profound impact on your day to day life. My hope is that I continue to work with people and build a lasting relationship.”

One might ask, “How did he discover Blackhawk Plastic Surgery?” Before moving back to Northern California Dr. Rankin considered practices all over California. Working with Dr. Ronan was the best fit due to the world class practice he had built along with a standout community, safety, and excellence. When Dr. Rankin first walked into Blackhawk Plastic Surgery he recalled:

“I felt like the practice embodied the attribute of what I feel. The staff is amazing and has been there 12-15 years. I could tell that patients are well taken care of here.”

Dr. Rankin also offers valuable advice to first time patients and noted:

“All consults are FREE, come in and talk with me and get as little to as much info as you want. I will take my time to explain and answer your questions or concerns. I Work with my patients like a partner-I want to help achieve your goals. I just want you to have exceptional information and knowledge before leaving the appointment”

After talking with Dr. Rankin, I can see how much passion and devotedness he puts into being a surgeon. He genuinely cares for his patients and staff. The world needs more authentic, reputable Doctors just like him!

If you would like to learn more about the services at Blackhawk Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, or make a consultation appointment, Click Here!