Local Spotlight: Diamond Academy of Performing Arts

If you haven’t heard about DAPA, you need to read this! Diamond Academy of Performing Arts (DAPA) offers more than your typical performing arts classes. Want to learn more about Acting for Film & Television, Drama, The Arts of Public Speaking, or Speech Arts? If your child needs help public speaking with confidence, this is the place to go! So…what is Speech Arts? It teaches your child to communicate clearly.

In my many years of teaching, I have never seen anything work so well toward helping children confidently communicate and connect to their breath and voice, and seeing these transformations is what continually fuels my passion for teaching speech arts.
-Andrea Johnston, Founder and Artistic Director

Mastering the art of public speaking is the greatest single skill one can develop in order to establish strong leadership skills, boost future earning potential, and carry oneself confidently and successfully in life. Modern society demands effective communication and leadership skills to excel, however presents few opportunities for children to develop these critical life skills. The Diamond Academy represents a new way of thinking: an innovative studio for learning, where students can explore and develop their communication, performance, and leadership skills in a fun and dynamic setting. At the academy, your child will learn skills that will remain with them throughout their lives.
The need for Community, Creativity, and Expression for our children is so important as we help them navigate all the changes they have had to face in the last several months. We are pleased to offer a selection of classes to fit your child’s needs. With both small, socially distanced in-person classes as well as online instruction via Zoom we have the right fit for your child! We are also offering private lessons! Our classes work very well online and we have students joining us from all over the world! In-studio, all County guidelines will be followed. Fall Classes & Play Production are available!  Register here.

A little bit about the Founder and Artistic Director:
Andrea has spent many wonderful years teaching children and adults the art of communication through speech arts and drama. She started her career in Vancouver, British Columbia as a guest artist and instructor at Simon Fraser University, where she had the privilege of directing main stage productions as well as teaching several courses. At The Bolton Academy of Spoken Arts, she taught children of every age how to find and use their voices effectively. Privately she coached professionals including lawyers, executives, and politicians, helping them find their voice, confidence, and poise. As a professional actor and director Andrea directed and performed in many productions which received critical acclaim; she is also a two-time winner of the Vancouver Twenty-Four Hour Film Festival, Director of the North American premiere of “Eulogy for Lois Lane” by Marc Diamond, and has lent her voice to numerous film and television productions. Her expertise in the field found her traveling British Columbia as an adjudicator for Speech Arts, Drama and Speech Festivals.

Helping people find their voice and grow their confidence is a passion for me- Here at The Diamond Academy of Performing Arts, I look forward to helping you find yours!


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