Fun Daytime Date Activities in Danville CA

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While a date night is stylishly conventional, daytime dates are a lot more fun. The cold weather can put a damper on things – especially if they’re outdoors – but we’ve got some date ideas that you’ll love! If you haven’t decided what to do on Valentine’s Day yet, maybe this’ll help.

  1. Wine tasting

Hey, some of us just like wine. No judging. You can get passes for two for just $10 on Groupon – and the offer ends soon, so hurry up! The winery is open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 1-5 PM. The perfect day date!

You get to sample up to 7 different wines at Urbano Cellars. The offer really does expire soon – but even afterward, you’ll be able to get two passes for $20 which is still pretty good.

  1. Get a relaxing massage

Hawaiian Ryan is offering $90 worth of services for $50. So if you and your partner have been feeling some aches and pains or just want a damn good massage, it’s your lucky day.

The place opens at 10 AM, so you can head there shortly after breakfast. This is one we haven’t been to personally – yet – but we’ve heard great things from friends. And of course, the place has excellent reviews on Groupon. So it’s not a totally sure ‘recommended’, but a pretty sure one.

  1. Danville Library

You can settle down with a nice book and spend some time with your partner quietly reading together. The library also has computers with internet and CDs, but we personally don’t think either would be very romantic. There’s something very charming about reading together, however. The place is kind of small so be prepared for some noise, but other than that it’s a lovely place with a great selection of books. They’re open from 10 AM to 8 PM.

  1. Tango classes

Tango is hot, it’s sexy, and it’s super romantic! Sign up for a couple’s tango classes and get dazzlingly good in just 8 weeks. That’s not just one date, but eight! You get to have lots of fun, a weekly workout, and pick up new skills in a warm, indoors location – all for $158! That’s the rate for a couple – not an individual.

  1. Chocolate-making class

Chocolate is great, right? Learn how to make it at home, and impress all your friends! And of course, it goes without saying that you’ll get to eat some chocolatey goodies during (and after) the class. Buy a voucher for two people here.

Classes begin at 9 AM, so you can have your chocolate fix early in the day. The classes are in Concord, a short drive away from home.

  1. Horse riding lessons

Okay, so this probably isn’t the most romantic idea, but it’s a fun outing. You’ll get to meet horses, which are really awesome animals, and learn a cool new skill! Tickets are available at $38 for a single 1-hour lesson for a limited time period. After the deal expires, prices go up to $80.

This is in Walnut Creek, and the place opens at 9 AM.

We hope you liked these ideas. If going to the horse-riding class, don’t forget to get all wrapped up and warm! You don’t want to come back sneezing. Stay tuned for more great deals, and to find out the best (of every kind!) in Danville CA.



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