Swim Teams for Kids in Danville CA

Danville Swim Teams for Kids

Have you been meaning to get your kids into a swim team? Swim teams are ideal for parents wishing to introduce their children to competitive swimming. They’re headed by experienced people, who train the kids and enter them into high-level competitions. Many of them have minimum requirements before they admit new members.

If you’re looking for a place that’ll teach your kid how to swim instead, swim schools and clubs may be the right option. We’ll take you through some of the swim programs for kids that we like.


Diablo Country Club Swim Team (Diablo Sharks)  Diablo Sharks Swim Team

The Aquatics Director and our professional swim staff provide a variety of swim programs throughout the year. In the summer children can join the Diablo Sharks Swim team; a competitive, recreational swim team for swimmers between the ages 5 and 18. Also in the summer, Diablo Country Club offers a pre-swim team program called Tiger Sharks, this program is for young children age 3 to 6 who may be thinking of joining the Diablo Sharks Swim Team in the future.
In the Spring, Diablo Country Club holds swim clinics for swimmers who want to get extra stroke instruction before the summer season begins. Must be a member to join Tiger Sharks or Sharks Swim Team.


Danville Sea Devils Danville Sea Devils

The Danville Sea Devils are a non-profit, recreational swim team whose mission is to provide an opportunity for swimmers to develop important skills and compete with other swimmers in the community. We are a part of the Valley Swim Association (VSA) and our meets are primarily against other VSA teams.


Diablo Aquatics Diablo Aquatics

They’re a Danville based swim team/club that provides private lessons. They train kids for local and national level sports, and if you simply want to make your child a better swimmer, they’re up for that as well. Super friendly environment, with kind instructors that like kids. Diablo Aquatics is a year round swim team that is USA Swimming affiliated and competes at local and national level meets. We offer high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities.


Blackhawk Swim Team HOX Swim Team

The HOX Swim Team is a regionally recognized aquatics program that teaches and trains various levels of swimmers, emphasizing individual progress, team unity, and swimmer and family participation. They welcome swimmers who are interested in competitive swimming along with the fun and excitement of recreational swimming. The HOX offers a pre-swim program, Mini HOX for little swimmers (ages 4-5) that brushes up on strokes, to prepare them for the HOX Swim Team. Must be a member of the country club to join HOX or Mini HOX Swim Team.


Sycamore Stingrays Swim Team Sycamore Stingrays

Sycamore Stingrays Swim Team, also known as SSST, offers a summer swimming program for youth between the ages of 5 and 18. Their goal is to provide a rewarding program for all swimmers, from the youngest to the oldest and from the beginner to the County Qualifier. They work together to succeed as a team and we measure personal success through individual improvement. They also believe that when any swimmer improves and has a feeling of accomplishment, everyone wins!


Splash Swim School Splash

If your child is really young – like a year or two, or maybe just six months old – this is easily the best option. They’ll gradually introduce the child to water in a safe environment (with their parents), and teach them how to swim.


All-Star Swim School  All-Star

All-Star has designed our program through four key stages of swim development: water safety; learning to swim; stroke development, and technical stroke refinement. Included below are the key elements that will be taught at each stage. However, each of these stages can be tailored to your child’s needs. They will discuss your swimmers current ability, desired outcome for lessons, and depending on their stage of swim ability will do an individual assessment in the pool. This is a great place to have your little one begin swim lessons, or brush up on swimming skills.



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