Hearts Around Hartz!

This summer, the Town of Danville invites its residents and visitors to discover 17 uniquely adorned heart sculptures placed all around downtown. The public art exhibition will be installed mid-June and run through October 16.
Each heart sculpture is unique, with each design created by a different Bay Area artist. Some of the hearts boast a Danville theme with imagery ranging from oak trees to Mount Diablo others incorporate playful designs and motifs. With an array of styles and subject matters represented, from traditional to contemporary, this outdoor exhibition is not to be missed.
The exhibition will come to a close with an online auction.  All proceeds from the online auction will go to a public art fund so that the Town can coordinate another public art project for all to experience in the future.

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To see a map of the Hearts around Danville, click here

Artist: Jan Weiss. Location: Village Theatre Art Gallery


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