2022 Best Country Clubs in Danville

Blackhawk Country Club Danville CA

Given a choice most of us would probably prefer to stay home under a blanket during the winter, but what about when it’s warmer? There’s nothing quite like the outdoors during pleasant weather. Spring makes the scenery vibrant and colorful, with lush green grass, pretty flowers, chatty birds, and the blessed, golden sunlight. Lazy summer days are best spent outside fishing, golfing, or picnicking.

For those of you planning to make the most of the great outdoors in 2022, here are the best country clubs in Danville CA. Experience the outdoors & social life as you’ve never done before.

Round Hill Country Club

This popular country club has an 18-hole golf course and practice range, numerous tennis courts (with lights if you want to play after sundown), a heated swimming pool, a fitness center, and two bocce courts with seating arrangements. They also have dining options, and fun activities year-round.

It’s a pleasant place, located in Alamo CA, and the facilities are well worth the fees. The indoors are classy, muted – a pleasant change from the rest that lean towards showiness. Their staff is friendly and helpful – that was something we especially liked about The Round Hill Country Club.

Blackhawk Country Club

Golf, tennis, swimming…that’s all good, but the Blackhawk Country Club even has its own lake in addition to all of that. Beautiful rippling waters, with black swans that look absolutely stunning. Don’t get too close though – swans can pack a mean punch with their wings. Not joking! If you’re lucky, you’ll also see other birds visiting – ducks and suchlike. One could sit and watch for hours around one of the many fire pits. There are 2 clubhouses here, The Falls, and Lakeside. The Falls is more casual with breath-taking views, while Lakeside is more reserved – but has 2 sub-dining areas that are more suited for watching games and golf on the TVs or having a nice business lunch. Oh yeah, and the Men’s Locker Room at Lakeside has its own pool table room AND its own bar with TVs, popcorn, and full access to the Lakeside food menu.

They have free WiFi, so you can post your workout in their newly built gym or game photos as you take them. And the swans are pretty photogenic too!

Diablo Country Club

It’s undeniably one of the prettiest. From the rolling golf courses and neatly trimmed trees to the grand architecture and regal indoors…it’s a real treat to the eyes. If we had to describe the club in a single word, ‘magnificent’ would be the one that comes to mind.

They have all the usual stuff – golf, tennis courts, kids’ options, bocce, swimming pool, gym. Another thing we really liked about them is that they have a water recycling project going on at the club. We can get behind the idea of supporting an environmentally conscious club.


Crow Canyon Country Club

This expansive country club has an 18-hole golf course, 13 tennis courts (with lighting), a heated pool for year-round use, a fitness center, an aerobics center, and dining options. The outdoors are well maintained, with lush green grass that’s mowed down, and impeccable courts. The indoors are comfy and luxurious. If you’re here for a private event, you’ll be pretty impressed.

The food here is reasonably priced and delicious. After a day outside walking around and playing you’ll want something filling – and you won’t be disappointed. They too have free WiFi.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Visit the club websites; they’ll have a lot more information than we could fit into this short article. If you’re looking for something a bit further away, stay tuned for our articles on other East Bay Area cities.



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