Best Elementary Schools in Danville

Best Elementary Schools in Danville CA

If you’ve been looking at schools trying to find the best one for your kids, we’ve just made your work a lot easier. We know it’s hard objectively comparing schools, especially when there are so many factors to keep in mind – reputation, grades, teacher-to-student ratio, opinions of students, facilities, and others. So we’ve done our homework, and here’s a list of the best elementary schools in Danville – in no particular order:

  1. Greenbrook Elementary School

The school’s located at 1475 Harlan Drive and has 620 students according to SchoolDigger. In a massive survey comparing 5,662 elementary schools from California, Greenbrook Elementary ranked 196th. Their teacher-student ratio is 24.8 students to every teacher – so roughly 4 teachers for every 100 students. It’s a great school all-around, and the atmosphere in the school is very welcoming and generally conducive to education.

  1. Tassajara Hills Elementary School

This elementary school’s located at 4675 Camino Tassajara Road, and although it ranked 320th on SchoolDigger’s state-wide survey, it’s one we’d personally recommend. The school has 540 students and excellent statewide performance. SchoolDigger found that in 2018 Tassajara Hills ranked above 94% of elementary schools in California and that their test score average has consistently been high, with 94.51% last year.

  1. Sycamore Valley Elementary School

This Holbrook Drive school has a lot of ethnic diversity, reports SchoolDigger claims that of 628 total students, the school has 61.6% white, 20.2% Asian, and 9.2% Hispanic kids. Diversity’s something too few people consider when researching schools. SVES has a pretty good teacher-student ratio as well, with 24.4 students per teacher. Their SchoolDigger rank is 385 out of 5,662 schools.

  1. Creekside Elementary School

The school’s located at 6011 Massara Street, which is a good location for most people. GreatSchools, a popular school review site, gives it a 4 out of 5 rating, but that seems a little harsh. Creekside Elementary School has an impressive record performance-wise, with a test score average of 96.34%. Additionally, it ranked 8th out of 21 elementary schools in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

  1. Montair Elementary School

Montair Elementary is located at 300 Quinterra Lane in Danville and has 549 students in it. According to SchoolDigger they employed 26 teachers in 2017, so that brings their teacher-student ratio to an impressive 20.9. Their test score average is pretty good, too – 93.87 in 2018. They have a 5-star rating on SchoolDigger, which we agree with 100%. The schools on this list are without a doubt some of the best ones in Danville.

  1. Green Valley Elementary School

Located at 1001 Diablo Road, this school is an excellent choice for your children. Their teacher-student ratio is 22.9, so it’s better than most other schools on this list. It placed at 240 out of 5,662 Californian elementary schools – which is nothing to be sneezed at. We’re trying to keep the reviews here objective and focused on stats so we won’t go into details, but we’ve found that GVES is excellent in terms of timely, transparent communication.

Watch out for our posts on the best middle and high schools in Danville as well. We hope you liked this list! Stay tuned for more such posts, and to find out the best (of everything!) in Danville CA.



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