The Best Places for Kids’ Haircuts in Danville

Haircuts for kids in Danville CA

Parents know that cutting a child’s hair is no easy task. It sounds like a minute’s work, but you need an expert. Kids will get scared and cry, fidget, look around (and move around), slouch down, get tickled…and they’re sensitive, so they need gentle handling. You need someone who’s patient and can keep a cool head and gently hold your kid still when he/she decides to head-bop to the music. Not sure where you’ll find such a person? Well, here’s a list! Is there a place you love and it’s not on the list? Just email; and we will add it on here! Remember to follow us on Social Media, FB & IG: @danvillesocial

Shear Adventures

Kids can be anxious and rambunctious that require expert handling, and the ladies at Shear Adventures have over 25 years of experience. They’ve got a perfect personality, kids love them, and the salon has movies, toys and lots of other stuff to keep your kids’ attention occupied. They also do the baby’s first haircut – which many salons don’t. You need to book an appointment with them beforehand, and their operating hours are Mon-Sat till 7 PM. The hours are slightly flexible, however.

Kids-N-Teens Beauty Salon 

They’re a small family-owned place and have a lovely atmosphere. If your little girl’s heading out to a party or just wants to feel pretty and princess-like, they can work in ribbons, sparkles, or make a fancy hairstyle for her. Their prices are a little bit on the higher end, but your kid will be super happy with the result. The salon’s located at 404 Sycamore Valley Road, and is open Tue-Sat from 9 to 5. They don’t accept credit cards, however, so make sure you bring cash.

Pigtails & Crewcuts

This salon’s owned by parents who know the struggle, so the haircutting experience here is catered 100% to the “small customer” – i.e., your kid. The staff is super gentle and understanding. Once the haircut’s done, kids can rummage around in their special “treasure chest” full of toys and such, which they’re always eager to do. Their prices range from $7.95 for a bang cut, to $29.95 for a first haircut. They also do packages of ten sessions for $214.95.

Sport Clips

Kids like it there. The hairdressers (especially Monica) are great at dealing with them. They have toys for the little ones and give them a lollipop afterward – which is enough to placate them and bring things back to normal. The salon’s address is 9500-B Crow Canyon Boulevard. They offer haircuts to kids and men, plus wraps, shampoo, etc. They’re open through the week, but they close early (5 PM) on the weekends. They have reasonable prices and a nice, clean location.

Elle J Studio 

This one’s a studio which offers haircuts to kids and adults both. It’s a smallish place, not super popular, but the ladies there are great. It’s not very fancy either, just a simple little place with talented hairdressers. They have a really cozy environment – I have an unfortunate tendency to doze off while at their place! The studio’s on Camino Ramon Street. It’s been a while since we last visited them, however, so check with them first before you show up.

We hope you liked this list! Stay tuned for more such posts, and to find out the best (of everything!) in Danville CA.



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