The Best Places in Danville for Watching the Super Bowl

Best place to watch the superbowl in Danville

Super Bowl LIII is nearly here! The game, which will be held on February 3, will determine the champion of the NFL for the 2018 season. Who will win – the New England Patriots, or the Los Angeles Rams?

We’re sure you’re waiting with bated breath for the game – but where will you watch it? Watching a game is many times as exciting when you’re with friends and others – whether they are people who support your team, or the other one.

Here are some of the best sports bars in Danville CA where you can watch the game live. Take your pick!

  1. BlackHawk Grille (Bar)

The food at this place is DE-LI-CIOUS. No two ways about it. Just looking at their menu gives me an appetite. The bar is comfortable, has a friendly atmosphere, plenty of seating options – and did we mention the yummy food? They (arguably) make the best appetizers and the bacon with blue cheese crumble + a double IPA = heaven. Oh, and speaking of IPAs’, they have great cocktails and beers on tap. A big, fat, Simon Cowell-esque yes from us!

  1. Kick N Mule

Another great place for hanging out with friends and family while watching the game. They have a full bar of alcohol, good seating arrangements, and TV. We found the staff friendly and helpful, and their sound system will make the game a lot more fun to watch. Talk about getting loud! The bar’s located at 340 Hartz Avenue, which is a good spot for most people (and right next door to Norm’s – in case it’s packed).

  1. Tower Grille of Danville

If we had to recommend a place based purely on vibe, the Tower Grille would take the cake. They always have a fantastic vibe – game or no game. You walk in when they’re empty, you have a great time; you walk in when they’re packed (and a game is on), you have a better time! The first two were better in terms of food and prices, but if you haven’t tried this one out yet, go for it. It’s on Hartz Avenue as well, so at least peek in even if you’re headed to the others.

  1. McGah’s Pub & Pianos

Alright, so this one’s different from the rest because it has pianos! You probably won’t be interested in that during the Super Bowl, but on the average night you’ll find a pianist playing there, live. It’s an oddly endearing sight. They have some fantastic grub for really low prizes, and their baked potato is recommendable. They’re a loud, fun place with free WiFi, and a big TV. Oh, and guess what? They allow well-behaved dogs inside too!

  1. Primo’s Pizzeria & Pub

What’s better than eating out while watching a game? Eating pizza while watching a game! And they serve alcohol, too! Primo’s is one of our all-time favorites in Danville when it comes to pizza. Their pizza is usually impeccable – cooked well, with generous toppings, and wonderfully cheesy. The pizzeria is located on 298 Hartz Avenue, and it’s tough competition. Watch the Super Bowl while you stuff yourselves full of their amazing, cheesy pizza.

We hope you liked this list! Stay tuned for more such posts, and to find out the best (of everything!) in Danville CA.


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