Virtual Lawn Luminary Vigil Being Held For Dr. Ari Gershman

After being fatally shot by a random stranger, while off-roading with his teenage son, a virtual lawn luminary vigil will be held for Dr. Ari Gerhman on Monday night, 7/13/2020. Photos will be posted on social media after the event, as they are asking for people to not attend in person.

If you wish to honor Gershman’s life, you may decorate a bag with notes or photos and write a family member’s name on the bag-Ari, Paige, Evan, Jack, or Maci. The bags will be filled with battery-operated tea lights put inside each bag which will then be placed on the lawn of his family’s Danville home.

Pick up bags from 8 am-8 pm:
80 Princeton Court, Danville.
144 Alta Vista Way, Danville.
California All-Stars, 4935 Southfront Rd., Unit C, Livermore.