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Get the highest visibility and engagement (clicks) with this leaderboard banner ad slot.

Leaderboard: $125/month

+ setup fee $25

Leaderboard: $ 100/month 

+ setup fee $25

Best Deal

Leaderboard: $106.25/month 

+ setup fee $25

Save 15%

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Island Banner Top Ad Slots

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Your ad will get excellent visibility on either side of the page with these Island Units.

Island Top: $95/month

+ setup fee $25

Island Top: $ 76/month 

+ setup fee $25

Best Deal

Island Top: $90.25/month 

+ setup fee $25

Save 15%

Questions on Advertising? Call Us At (925) 553-4173 Today!

Island Banner Bottom Ad Slots

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Another great spot for advertising are these Island units on either side.

Island Bottom: $75/month

+ setup fee $25

Island Bottom: $60/month 

+ setup fee $25

Best Deal

Island Bottom: $63.25/month 

+ setup fee $25

Save 15%

Questions on Advertising? Call Us At (925) 553-4173 Today!

How much does advertising cost?

As founding advertisers on, we’ve offered a low introductory price on our corner-stone ad slots. These 5 Ad Slots are located in prime real-estate for maximum visibility.

The current cost to advertise on our site is based on the position of your ad slot.

  • Leaderboard Ad Slot: $125/month
  • Island Banner Top Ad Slot: $95/month
  • Island Banner Bottom Ad Slot: $75/month

These prices are introductory and will go up! If you signup with these prices now, they will not increase while you continue advertising with us.

So how many times will my ad be shown?

Great question! drives more than 30,000 impressions (display your banner opportunities) per month. With that many impressions each month (and growing every week!) your ad will be seen between 2,500 to 3,000 each month.

Want to see for yourself? You can view your ad’s performance via your account link at any time!

Ad performance link


Space is limited to join at this price level so grab your spot today!

Is there a minimum term to advertise?

For our initial launch, we will have 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year plans available. With longer commitments, we give back 15% for 6-month plans and 20% on 1-year plans.

Can I cancel at any time?

After your first term…sure! All we require is a 5-day notice either by phone (925) 553-4173, email, or contact form here. If for whatever reason you wish to cancel without a 5-day notice all we require is $15 fee to cover admin fees.

Why advertise with I already advertise with ....

We’re here to stay and our livelihood is dependent on helping local businesses attract more customers.

We built this experience to bring relevant content that people in our town are looking for while introducing them to things to do, places to eat, stores to shop and more.

We’re growing our website traffic and social channels like crazy and we’re just getting started.  We’re also heavily invested in building tools and advertising channels for our advertisers.

Partner with us and let’s prosper together.

What do I need to know about banner ads on

As visitors come to our website, each page has 5 ad slots that rotate every time the page loads. Each one of the ad slots can have 1 or more advertisers that get shuffled each time a page is viewed (not in front of visitors like a flashing banner, but as the page loads).

You can think of it like each ad slot on a page has its own deck of cards. Every time a page is displayed a new card is shuffled to the top.

Where do visitors go when they click my ad?

We can direct a visitor to a specified address link like your website or if you’re listed in our directory we can send them there.

I don't have a designer or ad. Will you make my ad artwork?

Absolutely! We’ll also do it for no additional cost. If you have multiple banners for example 1 leaderboard and 1 island unit, we will create the design and adjust sizing and for each.

Need more than free like multiple versions with savings offers? We can do that too at a fixed fee of $40 per ad creative.

How does your billing work?

Our secure order form provided by Zoho will process your credit card with the 1st month + 1-time setup fee of $25 and will automatically be charged on the anniversary date.

What else do I get as a Founding Advertiser?

We don’t take your investment lightly. As Founding Advertisers, you will always have our introductory pricing as well as first access to any program we develop and launch. There are other perks like private events and member deals that will only be available to Founders.