Best Wedding Venues in and Around Danville CA

wedding venues in and around danville ca

According to WeddingWire, the most popular wedding months in the U.S. are October, September, and June, with October being favorite. Makes sense, because the weather’s pleasant then, and in October nature puts on a fantastic fall display. Are you planning a fall wedding in 2019?

If yes, it’s time you started looking at wedding venues. They often need to be booked months in advance, so you’ll need to research, budget and make a booking pretty soon!

We’ll get you off to a good start with this list of the best wedding venues in (or near) Danville CA:

  1. Crow Canyon Country Club

Crow Canyon CC is an absolutely wonderful location. They find a good mix of natural beauty and man-made structures, and the final effect is something very…organic. The interiors aren’t bad either. The seating arrangements are comfortable (begone hard chairs!), and entertainment options are pretty nice. You also get a great view from the hall. The staff is really friendly and helpful – and rather talented at decoration.

  1. Dublin Ranch Golf Course

Personally, I’m all for large, open spaces. It makes any occasion more cheerful, I think. If you agree, you’ll like the Dublin Ranch Golf Course. It’s a little way out of Danville, but the short drive is well worth it. Their golf course is absolutely impeccable, with emerald green grass, and a gentle, rolling layout. Their ballroom has a great view, and their high season fees are reasonable. It’s also a very comfortable place. You can take a virtual tour on their website and get a good look.

  1. Oak Hill Park

The Oak Hill Park is another favorite. The place is absolutely gorgeous, and the thing I like most about it is that there’s so much life here. Every one of these locations has trees that are well-maintained and look fantastic, but OHP has ducks, birds, fish, turtles…and what not. I think I even remember some geese…friendly ones, believe it or not! If the weather’s right, it’s absolutely unbeatable. The entertainment options are also pretty good.

  1. Ranch at Little Hills

Located in San Ramon, the ranch has a distinct fairy-tale quality about it. From the scenic forest pathways to the soft interior – it’s everywhere. If you’re hoping for a softer look with great catering and stunning photo locations, this one’s it. The wedding photoshoot is very important because you’ll look at the pictures for years afterward, reminiscing and re-living the day. This place will give you a gorgeous shoot. Their prices are super reasonable too.

  1. Wedgewood Weddings

Everything about this place gives off a subtle feel of glamour – grandeur, even. Personally, I’m a trees and meadows kind of gal, but if grand settings are your thing, you’ll love Wedgewood Weddings. They’re more cost-effective than you’d think, and the food they serve will make you sigh. They have plenty of great spots outdoors, but if you prefer being inside – because of the weather, noise or other reasons – you wont regret booking this one.

We hope you liked these! Danville has many more fantastic wedding venues, but these, we felt, were the best. Honorary mentions: Events at Hub (Pleasanton), Blackhawk Country Club, and The Bridges Golf Club (San Ramon). Stay tuned for more such posts, and to find out the best (of everything!) in Danville CA.



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