Virtual Concerts and Entertainment

Due to COVID-19, going to a concert just isn’t feasible at this time.  Some bars, artists, and concert venues are streaming live music performances featuring various artists! Stay entertained from the comfort of your home while enjoying music!

Please email: [email protected] if you would like to be added to the list. Follow and like us on social media to stay up-to-date on resources in the area!


Opening Doors to the World of Jazz– New video every Tuesday!

Chris Martin, Coldplay -Livestreaming #Togetherathome Concert Series.

John Legend – Livestreaming #Togetherathome Concert Series.

David Victor, Toured with Boston– Livestreaming Rock ‘n Roll Lunch Break, daily!

Neil Diamond– Changes Lyrics to “Sweet Caroline” for COVID-19.

Ed Sheeran– Live Show, Youtube.

Imagine Dragon– Live Show, Youtube.

JoJo– Livestream, Chill- Stay at home, Youtube.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper– Live in Vegas, Youtube.

OneRepublic– Live Concert, Youtube.

Corona Clap Dee-1 – Clap along to the Corona Clap!

My Corona, Chris Mann– Was made one day in his bathroom, Youtube.

Italians Making Music on Balconies, Neighbors in Italy played music together, Youtube.


“Toni Stone” and “Gloria” – Must purchase tickets online to have access to link day of show! 3/29/2020.

“They Promised Her the Moon” – Once a ticket is purchased, you will receive a link the week of March 30, 2020.

“Macbeth” – Once paid, you will have access to live streaming for 24 hours.



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