Hearts Around Hartz Hunt

Starting August 4, 2020, the Town can download a scavenger hunt on the Hearts Around Hartz webpage that will allow for a fun way to see all of the hearts. Complete the scavenger hunt, fill out the bottom portion of the map with your contact information and be entered into a drawing for a chance to win raffle prizes each week for the duration of the art exhibition.

Take a look at the Hearts around Hartz Scavenger Hunt clues, Find all 17 letters to spell out the secret phrase! Write them down next to each clue. Please note that the clue number corresponds with the number of each heart on the map.

Submit your guess at the heart table in front of the Village Theatre Art Gallery, every Friday, starting on August 14. Participants will receive a heart grab bag and be entered in to win weekly raffle prizes. Submissions can also be dropped off in the mailbox at the bottom of the stairs (closest to the parking lot) at the Village Theatre and Art Gallery.

Map of Hearts Around Hartz. 

Please contact Jessica Wallner at jwallner@danville.ca.gov for a grab bag.

For more information, click here.




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