Great Deals for a Fun Girls’ Night or Day Out Around Danville

Girls night out in Danville CA

Planning on heading out with your girlfriends for a fun night?  Or are you looking for a quiet evening out with some good wine and tasty food – these deals are fantastic! If you weren’t planning on a girls’ night out in Danville, you will be now!

1.  Get a relaxing massage

At Mystic Hands Massage and Body Work, owner and therapist Aimee will give you the best massage of your life. And what’s more – she’ll do it for 50% the usual price! You can buy a coupon that’ll get you an hour-long Mystic Signature Massage for $45. The offer’s valid for a limited time only, but if you miss it you can still avail their 30% new client discount on Yelp! They’re open till 8 PM on Saturday, and 7 PM on Sunday.

  1. Painting classes with wine

Say what you will, but I think a girls’ night out is incomplete without some wine. Attend this out-of-the-box painting class where you can buy food and drinks and sip while you paint a masterpiece. Cue much fun and laughter. The offer will get you one ticket to a 3-hour painting class for $26. Note, however, that you’ll need to buy food and drinks separately.

  1. Belly dancing lessons

It’s funny, it’s sexy, and it’s a neat skill to show off. So why not attend a belly dancing lesson with your besties? It’s a good way to get some exercise without the boredom, and your partner’s sure to appreciate your new skills – wink wink! You can get their services at a 50% discount on Groupon. Pretty cost-effective, and hey, a workout is a workout.

4.  Handmade bagels and breakfast sandwiches

Although this is not a night thing, we had to throw this in for the next-day recovery. You get 25% off on your first purchase at Bagel Street Café, and 10% cash-back on subsequent purchases. We found BSC’s prices very reasonable to begin with, so it’s a pretty good offer. You can order a plain old bagel with toppings, or a customized breakfast sandwich. They have some very interesting options – take a look at their website! You’ll need a Groupon+ account and linked credit card to avail this offer. Also – they’re only open till 2 PM

5.  Yummy Chinese food

This offer is similar to the one above, except they’re offering 20% off the first time. You’ll need a Groupon+ account for this one as well. Don’t be dissuaded by that, though – it takes barely a minute to set up, and Lin’s skewers are to die for! We also really enjoyed their spicy beef stew. It’s the perfect balance between arrgh-my-tongue-is-on-fire and mild. In other words, it’s the right kind of spicy.

We hope you liked these deals. Stay tuned for more such posts, and to find out the best (of every kind!) in Danville CA.



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