Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids Near Danville

Rainy Day, Danville, CA.

It’s been a rainy time in Danville, and kids are starting to get bored. If you’re struggling to keep your tots entertained, here are some places around Danville that you can take your kids to on a rainy day. Work on your laptop, catch up with a friend, or if you prefer just scroll through your news feed in peace as your kids have fun, we hope you’ll enjoy these ideas. Hey, it’s better than them driving you crazy or binging on Fortnite!

Dave & Buster’s, Concord
Here’s a place for adults and kids! Enjoy their Mon-Fri happy hour, from 4 pm-7 pm! They have virtual reality, dance dance, games, & bowling.

The Lot at Bishop Ranch, San Ramon
Take the kids to see a movie, or just hang out at their indoor restaurant area! This huge space has plenty of space for families to dine! Check movie times and information by clicking the link above.

Danville Library, Danville
Go over t0 Downtown Danville, to the library, and let the kids pick some books out, or play learning games on their computers! Make sure to click the link above for the calendar of events happening daily!

Primos Pizzaria & Pub, Danville
Head down to Primo’s and watch sports, have a beer, or do some work, while the kids play games! This huge space has tables big enough for the soccer team!

Blackhawk Museum, Danville
Head over to the Blackhawk Plaza for lunch, then take the kids to the Museum. Make sure to check for current exhibits, as they can change.

Boomers! Livermore 
Boomers is great anytime – rainy day or not. If the weather’s pleasant your kid can play mini-golf, Bumper Boats or go go-karting, and if it’s raining they can stay indoors in the arcade area. Boomers seem to have a good number of video games in the arcade area – enough to turn a sulky child happy within minutes. They also have a laser tag area, which the kids seem to enjoy. Load up your game card with points, because you’ll need them! Their food’s pretty decent too.

Rockin’ Jump, Dublin
This is an evergreen one for kids. It’s all indoors, it’s a short drive away, and kids can jump around, ride the ziplines, play dodgeball and other sports, and generally have the time of their lives. Trampolines are always liked by kids. Throw in foam blocks, a climbing wall, and sports, and they’ll be busy for hours. Rockin Jump has a Groupon page where they post deals every now and then – in fact, they had one up a few weeks ago. Look out for more deals from them!

My Gym, San Ramon
If your kid’s rather too young for the rest, you can try out My Gym. They’re open to super young kids – 8 and under. Got a two-year-old? Bring ‘em in! They have gym classes (with adult supervision, of course), programs, camps, parties, and community events. You can go to their website to see what time your kid can go to the gym, based on their age. Their camps are also super fun, with games, gymnastics, art, and music. It’s a wonderful environment for kids to be in.

Golden Skate, San Ramon
They’re open to people of all ages – kids under 10, above 10, and adults. They provide lessons in roller skating, and if your kid already knows how to, he/she can have fun zooming around on skates. It’s not safe to skate on the road (although god knows kids will try), but a rink is both safe and challenging – which is an ideal mix. You and your partner can hang out and learn to skate too! Bear in mind their schedule, however – Golden Skate is usually closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. ***The owner has announced they will be closing its doors, so get your skating on ASAP!

GamedayVR, Alameda
Does your kid enjoy arcade games and bowling? Whose doesn’t! On a lazy day when your kid doesn’t feel like playing sports, you can take them to Gameday VR for a one-of-a-kind experience. They have an amazing arcade and they offer not only games but also some very interesting VR experiences. Their eSports lab is another favorite haunt among kids (and parents) that enjoy computers and tech – not to mention more games. The future is here!

Danville Bowl
Been feeling a bit down lately? Take your kid out bowling and you’ll feel better in no time! Danville Bowl has 24 Championship lanes, with projector screens, leagues and much more. Bumpers are available for younger kids that are still learning how to play. They also have a billiards table, HD TVs, and some great grub! Play a few games and roam around the place before getting some food. It’s the perfect place for a rainy day outing with kids in tow. They also have $1 Tacos on Tuesdays!

Umigo GoKart Racing, Livermore
Feel like letting your inner racer out? It may be raining outside, but don’t let that spoil your fun! Come here and have fun racing friends around the track or enjoy the comfy lounge and have a sip of beer or wine! It is just a short drive to Livermore.

Victory Point Cafe, Berkeley
Take the kids over and play unlimited board games! Parents can chill and drink a beer, while the kids play! For more information, click here!

Luv 2 Play, Dublin
They offer a toddler area, baby area, lego building area, and an indoor play space! A full-service Cafe with FREE wifi!

Chuck E. Cheese in Dublin
For local coupons, click the link above! They do offer wine/beer for adults! Let the kids run around and get their energy out while you do work, or play games!


The next time we’re slotted for a rainy weekend, plan in advance and head out to one of these places with your kids. We hope you liked this list! Stay tuned for more such posts, and to find out the best (of everything!) in Danville CA.




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