Lake Berryessa Weekend Getaway – What to Do and Where to Eat

Lake Berryessa Things To Do

Lake Berryessa is the largest lake in Napa County. The water reservoir and surrounding areas make an excellent vacation spot, with vibrant flora and fauna, and various recreational opportunities – fishing, photography, picnicking, camping, swimming, and much more. When there are so many options, what do you choose and what do you leave? Well, here’s a list of the best things to do near the lake, and a couple of places we recommend.

Boating and Birdwatching

What’s the best thing you can do in a lake? Go boating! It’s a relaxing activity, and being in the middle of a lake surrounded by the soothing sounds of Nature feels blissful. On the other hand, high-speed adventure boats are pretty cool too. You can rent a wakesurf boat, patio boat or a Waverunner from Berryessa Watersports. The lake’s also a good birdwatching spot, so you can head out to watch birds. Find a nice, quiet stretch, and settle down with binoculars and a water bottle. Lake Berryessa Boat & Jet Ski Rentals is also a great place to rent; Pontoons, Jet Skis, Wake Boards, Ski Boats, Fishing Boats, Kayaks, & Paddle Boards!

Hiking or Cycling

The lake has some amazing trails around it, so you can go hiking or cycling. has a number of trails listed in the vicinity. The Barton Hill Trail, for instance, is 1.1 miles long and is classed as an ‘easy’ trail, ideal for those looking for a leisurely hike to enjoy the scenery. Others such as the Smittle Creek Trail are a little harder, with rough terrain – these are great for thrill-seekers looking to explore the area.

Cucina Italiana

It’s a friendly little Italian restaurant, and it’s the best in the area. They have very reasonable prices, amazing food, and a chef who knows Italian food like nobody else. We’ve been to a good number of Italian restaurants around the Bay Area, and Cucina Italiana is definitely among our top 5. They’re closed on Monday and Tuesday, so plan ahead of your visit, because if you go to Napa and don’t eat at Cucina, have you been to Napa at all?

Spanish Flat Country Store & Deli

In an area that has surprisingly few restaurants, this deli is a savior. It’s a convenience store and deli combined, so if you want camping gear, groceries, allergy pills etc. you can get them here. The prices of most items are a little high since it’s the only place around for miles (low supply, high demand), but it’s pretty good otherwise. The owner is a friendly old lady, and the staff makes some great sandwiches. The burgers are pretty good too!

Turtle Rock Bar & Café

The bar is located at 2000 Capell Valley Road and is a great spot for hanging out in. It’s an interesting place. They serve mostly fried food, so this probably isn’t the best place if you’re looking for a salad. If you do get one, you’ll be very, very tempted to follow it up with their other stuff. If you’re just back from a fun day out and want some good food and don’t mind if it’s fried (which you won’t once you see the menu), you’ll like Turtle Rock.

Yountville Food and Wine Tour

Speaking of good food, the Yountville Food and Wine tour is fan-tas-tic! Feast your eyes at veggies of extraordinary sizes and colors, try out interesting food, and sample some excellent wines made by local businesses. Tickets are available for as low as $175 each, and that’s a steal! The tour is over three hours long, and you’re accompanied by a guide. Get some sun while you learn about food and wine. Take our word for it – you don’t want to miss this one.

We hope you liked this list! Stay tuned for more such posts, and to find out the best (of everything!) in Danville CA.



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