Danville Preparing for Possible Looting

Downtown Danville business owners spent all-day boarding up to prepare for possible looting. There have been numerous social media posts going around threatening Danville.

I was able to talk with a few business owners and they expressed their frustration about how much they have already been through with COVID-19 and dealing with the financial heartaches of what it has caused. Walking downtown today was surreal to see our charming little town become on the verge of chaos.

However, a sense of community was apparent and all around. I saw strangers lending a hand, friends showing up for support, and most of all….LOVE.

People behind the threats are evil and have no good intentions. This isn’t about the horrific death of George Floyd. This situation affected ALL of us. We were ALL upset over what happened. Protest peacefully, be kind, show love, but STOP the violence.